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Photo submission rules-Online events 

Section 1.01                  Photo Submission Event Rules
(a)     Members shall not cheat or be dishonest. 
(b)    Members will use Flies only–live or cut bait or artificial lures are not allowed.
(c)     Members are restricted to using one rod and reel at a time.  Anglers may not have more than one line in the water at a time.
(d)    All fishing regulations under DFW and boating regulations under USCG apply.   A current State fishing license must be in possession during the tournament.
(e)     Kayak or approved vessel must be propelled by paddle, peddle drive system or electric motors (limited to 55lbs of thrust), absolutely no gas.
(f)      US Coast Guard approved PFD must be worn at all times while in the kayak or approved fishing vessel.
(g)     Anglers must use cell phone pictures, making sure that GPS is on prior to taking the photo. 
(h)    Anglers must cast, catch, and land their fish from the kayak or approved fishing vessel while floating (example: anglers may not fish from a beached kayak).
(i)       Members must stay within the tournament boundaries during the tournament.
​(j)       ALL pictures of fish that you want to submit for the tournament should be submitted prior to TourneyX.com prior to the official end time of tournament.
​(k)   All photo of fish that the angler wants to submit must be done within 36 hours of time it was taken
Section 1.02                  Catch Photo Release (CPR)
(a)     All photos will be judged by 1-4+ different judges.
(b)    Members will only use Catch Photo Release as means of fish measurement.
(c)     Fish must be at least 12 inches in length, or the minimum legal length for that species and that body of water.
(d)    Accepted species are largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass. 
(e)     Fish must be caught, landed, and handled consistent with DFG regulations and released alive and in good condition immediately after the photos have been taken.
(f)      The measuring device must be an approved “Hawg Trough,” white or yellow, one piece (no hinges or breaks or self repairs), with one quarter inch markings must be clearly visible (darkened with paint or pen if needed), and be at least 24 inches in length.  Fish exceeding the length of the measuring device will be awarded the maximum length of the measuring device (no estimations or extensions allowed).
(g)     The picture of fish: Item Criteria Penalty
Photo: Blurry photos will be scored at the highest mark of which there is no doubt
Photo: Photo that is too blurry to judge at all
Photo: Photo appears to be second-generation (photo of a photo)
Photo: Photo submitted before or after event date and time limits
Photo: GPS photo tag or other evidence indicates photo was uploaded out of tournament “permitted waters” zone
Photo: Multiple digital photos unintentionally submitted of the same bass:
Photo: Multiple digital photos intentionally submitted of the same bass; fraud
 DQ From Event
Orientation: Bass is positioned with the head pointing to the right
Orientation: Bass is positioned with dorsal fin at bottom of photo, pelvic and anal fins upward
Identifier: Tournament Identifier missing, counterfeit, or incorrect for the event or competitor
Kayak: Competitor’s kayak or approved watercraft not visible in photo
Mouth: Fish lip or mouth clearly not touching Hawg Trough fence (the upright end plate)
Mouth: Unable to ascertain with certainty that fish lip or mouth is touching Hawg Trough fence
Mouth: Mouth slightly open, but less than 1/4 inch
Mouth: Mouth open 1/4 to 1/2 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely.
Mouth: Mouth open wider than 1/2 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely.
Body: Restraining device, stringer, tape, or clip of any kind is attached to bass or being used to secure it. (Hand holding fish is acceptable)
Body: Any portion of a hand, fingers or ID tag under the fish’s operculum (hard gill flap)
Tail: Hand/Fingers pinching the tail lobes together.
Tail: Tail lifted off the Hawg Trough; fish flapping tail so its tip is not in contact with the board
Fish: Any other fish than the species or varieties approved for the Competition
Fish: Fish appears to have been snagged, snatched, or hooked in the body rather than mouth
Fish: Fish appears to be dead, mutilated, frozen, mangled, or otherwise damaged so that it may not to have been taken according to the rules, or eye is covered so the condition of the fish cannot be ascertained.
Fish: Bass appears to have been mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered to increase its length
One Month Ban

Section 1.03                 Miscellaneous
(a)     The cut-off time and date for any changes to the tournament will be as follows: the tournament directors must notify the competitors no later than 8:00PM on the date two days preceding the tournament date if any changes need to be made. 
(b)    The tournament directors will establish the tournament details concerning weigh-in, big fish rules, off-limit rules and other details of each tournament at the club meeting prior to each tournament and announced to the membership at that time.
(c)     Event formats may have a specific rule or a specific set of rules that will be posted
(d)    All formal complaints are to be emailed to
Section 1.04    Tie Breakers
(a)     First tie break will be big fish total length
(b)    Second tie break will be Big fish and smallest fish total length
(c)     Third tie break will be big fish and two smallest fish
(d)    Fourth tie breaker will be a coin flip among tournament directors 11

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