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Tournament Rules

Liability/Release waivers (official entry form): Every  tournament contestants  is required to sign the form.

Fly Fishing Tackle Only: Common fly lines only (floating, sinking, or sink tips).  Ten (10) ft. fly rod or less in length. Twelve (12) ft. maximum overall leader length from tip of fly line to eye of hook. No sinking weight added to leader (i.e. split shot, bullet weight, sliding weight).  No bait and no chumming.

Allowable flies are those designed and constructed in the spirit of fly fishing. Tournament officials have final say on whether a fly is allowed. All flies must be delivered with a cast fly fishing line. Scenting the fly or fly components is not allowed. All materials and components of the fly must be permanently affixed to the hook. Generally, molded plastic, molded silicone, molded rubber etc. are not allowed.

Boating Safety:  Life jackets are required for each angler and must be worn when main engine is on. Engine kill switch must be attached to lifejacket if so equipped. Navigation lights must stay on until you reach your first stop or otherwise according to navigation law. Each vessel is to be operated in a safe, cordial manner and adhere to boating law.

Vessel: All boats must be equipped with a steering wheel or tiller steering.  No other steering devices allowed.  One vessel per team. Gas engines only (no float tubes, etc.). An operational live well or functional alternative, such as an ice chest equipped with a circulator/aerator pump is required.

Boat inspection: All boats and tackle will be inspected prior to launching for compliance to the tournament rules. Present your blast-off card to tournament officials for signature prior to live well being checked.  Only fly fishing tackle is allowed on board the vessel. Operational live wells will be inspected by tournament officials prior to blast-off.

Blast-off: If you are not in the water when your blast-off number is called, you will Blast-off last. Please try to be on the water 30 minutes prior to blast-off.

Off Limits: Sugar Barge Marina is off-limits. Anglers must remain in boat while fishing. No Alcohol/drugs on boat during tournament. Participants may fish anywhere accessible by boat, except areas designated as “off limits” or “No Fishing” by federal, state and local agencies, or within 50 yards of any marina gas pump. A distance of 50 ft. must be maintained by any tournament angler fishing near an anchored boat. Main engine must be off while fishing.

Check-in: After fishing, all contestants must check-in with tournament staff inside the break wall by your check-in time. A loss of 1 lb. per minute late, up to 5 minutes, will be deducted from team’s total weight. After 5 min late, the team will be disqualified.

Scoring: Up to five (5) largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass in any combination can be weighed. All fish must be caught and maintained alive. Fish must be hooked in the mouth. No snagged or foul-hooked fish. All Dept. of Fish & Game laws apply.

The required length for a weighable fish is 12-inches mouth open, hanging down at 45 degrees on a Will-E-GO board.  Short fish penalty is minus one (1) pound plus the fish. We will swish the tail.  Keep all fish alive for live release after weigh-in. Dead fish penalty is minus one (1) pound per dead fish.

When presenting fish to be measured, only the tournament official will take the measurement. Any team possessing more than the tournament limit will be disqualified. No dead fish may be culled out of your catch. Once the weighmaster has your bag, you will not be able to return to your boat to get any fish left in your live well. In the case of a tie, big fish will determine the win.

A loss of 1 lb. per minute late to check-in, up to 5 minutes (5 lbs.), will be deducted from team’s total weight. After 5 minutes late, the team will be disqualified.

All protests must be made within thirty (30) minutes after tournament scales close.

Any and all contestants may be required to take a lie detector test as determined necessary by event coordinator.

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