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2016 Event Sponsors

10 wt sponsors:

2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Sponsors

2016 Costa-Bass-N-Fly Sponsors

-SIMMS (John Sherman)
-YETI (Evan Russell)
-Bank of Stockton (Doug Eberhardt)
-Loop Fly USA (James Park)
-Red Truck Fly Fishing (James Park)
-Sage/RIO of Far Bank Enterprises (Russel Miller and DeAnn Harris)
-Safe and Easy Boat Care (Andy Vierra)

8 wt sponsors:
Scientific Anglers (Darin Elmore)
Umpqua Feather Merchants (Darin Elmore)
Rajeff Sports (Evan Burck)
Rock Systems (Mike Bruce)

6 wt sponsors:
Galvan (Darin Elmore)
Hardy (Rick Mazaira)
Montana Fly Company (Rick Mazaira)
South Mouth (Chuck Ragan)
Buff, Inc. (Casey Rolig)

Honorary mention:
TFO (Toby Uppinghouse)
Fly Fishing Specialties

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