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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Bass-n-Fly team fishing in the Bass-n-Fly Challenge?

The Bass-n-Fly directors will be running the event and coordinating logistics and will NOT be fishing in the tournament.

Q: I don’t have access to a boat. Can I sign up and get paired with someone that has a boat?

Yes, as a non-boater you must sign up and pay the full team entrance fee two weeks in advance of the tournament. We will do the best we can to  form teams from unpaired contestants. Once paired you will arrange reimbursement from your team partner. Arrangements are handled by you and your team partner. If we cannot pair you with a partner you will be refunded your entrance fee in full at or before the event.

Q: I found out about the tournament after May 15, can I still sign up as a non-boater?

Please call one of the tournament directors Noel de Guzman (510) 579-2859 or Maury Hatch (916) 716-3474.

Q: What is the benefit of early registration?

Your advantage. Your blast-off position will be in order of sign-up. Sign-up late, leave late. We encourage early sign-ups. This enables your team to get an early blast-off position and helps us with event planning. If you choose to sign up the morning of the event or less than 3 days prior, you will have to pay an additional late sign-up fee of $10.00.

Q: What is the Big Fish option?

The $10.00 Big Fish option is a separate pool amongst individual anglers (100% payout) to the top big fish per payout schedule. Either or both team anglers may opt-in for the Big Fish option.

Q: What is the $20.00 option?

The $20.00 Option is a separate pool (100% payout) amongst those teams that choose that Option. If your team is the highest placing team in the $20.00 Option pool you win first place Option money regardless of overall tournament standings. $20.00 Option money is paid down 3 places to the top 3 teams within the $20.00 Option pool per payout schedule.

Q: Can I attend this event as a spectator?

Yes. It is a free event for spectators. We encourage all to come join in the fun! Participant’s family members and friends can watch their favorite teams weigh-in their catch and see them win cash and prizes! You will not be allowed on the boat with tournament anglers.

Q: Can I sign up and fish the tournament solo, without a second team member?

Yes. You can fish the tournament by yourself as your own team. You must pay the full team entrance fee and are eligible to opt-in on all options.

Q: This looks like a great event. How can my company or organization become a supporting sponsor of The Bass-n-Fly Challenge, the first Fly Fishing Only Bass tournament on the Delta?

Please contact the Bass-n-Fly directors with your inquiry regarding opportunity to become a supporting sponsor.

Q: I have a boat but do not have a live well. Now what?

You can use a cooler of adequate size to hold 5 fish and obtain a portable aerator at most sporting goods stores. We advise checking your catch and exchanging with fresh water throughout the day.

Q: Can our team have an additional designated driver?

There are only two people allowed on each tournament vessel.

Q: I don’t have a boat but I want to fish the tournament. Are there any boat rentals available?

There are rental boats available on the Delta, however, not in close proximity to the tournament location. We suggest that you sign-up as a non-boater and every attempt will be made to find you a boater / team partner.

Q: Is there lodging nearby the tournament location?

Yes. There are lodging options within a couple of miles of the tournament location.

There are many hotels on March Lane in Stockton.

Q: What is the cost to launch and park my boat and vehicle at the tournament location (i.e. Buckley Cove Public Launch Ramp)?

Launch Fee and parking is currently $14.00.

Q: What do I do once I arrive at the tournament location?

Check in at the registration table and you will be given further instructions.

Q: What is the exact location of the tournament blast-off and weigh-in?

The Buckley Cove public park and boat launch at the end of March Lane (west) in Stockton, Ca.

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